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San Diego Comic Con - 2014!

Hey everyone--
Just a reminder that Jeff will be at Comic Con International - San Diego this week, July 23-27th in Artist Alley, Table GG-02.
Stop by and pick up a print, drawing, sketchcard or other goodies!
Let the Comic-Con Madness commence!

Summer 2014 Conventions! Now with 100% more Jeff Carlisle!

After the success of the C2E2 convention in Chicago at the end of April, we can report that MORE Conventions are afoot for Summer 2014! First up will be the Origins Game Fair at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, June 11-15, 2014.
Also, Jeff will be in Artist Alley at the San Diego Comic Con International July 24-27, 2014.

There are a few other possible shows for the summer...
More information will be shared as it becomes available!
See you all soon!

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