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Jeff Carlisle a Guest at Grand Rapids Comic Con, October 21-23 2016...

Come see Jeff at the Grand Rapids Comic Con, October 21-23 2016 in Grand Rapids Michigan!
He is a guest artist in their Comics Artist Alley and will at booth 336 and will be presenting a panel "Designing Starships for Licensed Properties" Friday at 5:30pm at the River Overlook C room.
"An interactive talk about how to design and illustrate ships for Star Wars, Star Trek and any other brand by using what already exists to create something new. Why DOES the Millenium Falcon have its cockpit to the side? Also we will go over some of the best designed spaceships in Sci-Fi history."

So come down and see him, talk Geek, Get some Art and have some fun.
You can see more information here:


Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016! That's Right--Jeff is in London!

Jeff Carlisle is in London this week, and you can find him in the Art Show at STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE 2016!
Jeff's new Celebration print "LONDINIUM CALLING" is set in Londinium, a fantasy district on the Star Wars capital planet of Coruscant that mixes together HUNDREDS of people and vehicles from the Star Wars universe, the LEGIONS of fans who love the series and iconic people and landmarks from the city hosting the convention, London itself. Hopefully, this print captures the spirit and feeling of celebrating both OLD and NEW Star Wars and the UK/European people who helped make the series so fantastic for nearly 40 years. A signed, numbered limited edition of 250 prints will ONLY BE FOR SALE AT STAR WARS CELEBRATION EUROPE 2016 tgis weekend, retailing for around £27 (or $36 US).
So stop on by, grab a print before they are gone, and talk Star Wars with Jeff!
We hope to see you there!
As always, May the Force be with You!

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